A Menagerie of Mysterious and Unusual Deaths

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'Ortel al Royen died in 3742, when an unfinished globe of thons own making fell on thons skull and knocked thon, completely and wholly dead, down the stairs.' Royen's assistant can be seen holding up a lamp to reveal from the dark Royen's body, and the murderous globe covered in blood. 'An embarrassing thing indeed, though reportedly not unusual for thon.' In a panel depicting thons younger moments, Royen cries out in frustration as a globe is knocked down onto thons head, as thons assistant watches, still unimpressed. Another panel shows thon sitting criss-cross on the mat in thons workshop, back hunched, inking delicately onto vellum, thons pale curly hair poofing out of thons ponytail. 'Thon was a cartographer, an unparalleled genius from the Continent of Glass, but remembered in history as mad,' 'for in thons later years thons cartography turned from that of the known continents to strange, obscure places that shifted and trembled on the vellum they were painstaikingly rendered on.' Strange silhouettes of strange unknown continents overlap onto of each other around the text. The scene then changes to a teal sky, and a long-haired, pale person standing triumphantly but grimly at the top of a grassy hill, overlooking the ocean. Thon looks through thons spyglass. 'Thon was remembered as a genius who had simply lost it; then, in 3989, the great navigator Polanati Gasat discovered the Continent of Shells.' Gasat lowers the spyglass and frowns, chest out and proud, while thons assistant ups the hill right behind them. Their sailship can be seen in the distance. The scene changes, and Gasat and assistant are elsewhere; Gasat's assistant compares thons field journal notes with existing maps, and notices something that confuses thon incredibly. 'And upon their return to the terra cognita, people realized with a growing horror that its coastline seemed to match, with eerie exactness, that of one of Royen's later maps, long dismissed as fantastical.' Gasat's assistant shouts something, grabbing the attention of Gasat thonself and the person thon was talking to. The assistant holds up the journal and the Royen map, showing the exact same coastline and moon-shaped island. 'It is a terrible thing, then, that thon had left behind hundreds.'

Ortel al Royen

Special thanks to my dad, who is equal parts cartographer and fool, unlike some people around here.