Bending Valleys, Curling Peaks

In the observatory it feels like looking through a lens, many lenses -- many globes and maps atop each other. Lean forward, stare through, and you can maybe find something not of yourself. Here are the worlds, whether it be carefully crafted builds or simply a place where a multitude of works share a setting. Or both.

Currently none of the worlds page are live, so this is just an empty and half-undone directory page. Sit here for a while and meditate, I suppose.


My main worldbuild, based on a fascination with exploring folklore and imagery. Half a milennia ago, they say, a great beast burst from the deep of the soil. With its rampage came a peculiar crystal-esque substance that grew upon the deep memories of the world, fed on it, magicked it -- and promptly destroyed it. Tormented by the stagnation that comes with clinging to memories, and with life beyond its due -- without the life that comes from death -- vast swathes of land become accursed. 500 years later, the world-splitter is long gone, but the world remains.

Someone tell me to actually make the page for this thing, it is my little baby, but it is so hard to explain.


It has been five years since terrible war ravaged the Continent. Now, it is over, prosperity heralded by the Day of Eternal Peace, and nothing ill is in the world.

That's not true, obviously. With the dawn of a new decade, the greatest city in the world, all can prove, is Vacwerthan, ruled by their patron Greater God the Voice. And with the dawn of a new decade, the gentry, sitting upon an ever-higher pedestal of riches, has developed a taste for perhaps the greatest delicacy of all -- the blood of Lesser Gods. They retain human forms unlike their great relatives, but their blood is still brilliant and pale and ever-ethereal. With an increasing taste for blood, and a refusal by the Voice to interfere (and why would they?), comes a city writhing at the seams with organized violence.

Enchanted Inquirer

Between the mountains and the sea lies a small town, brimming with magic. Hello reader I'll finish this later.

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