(This page is a work in progress!)

These are all characters that are more miscellaneous and don't belong to any of the worlds that I have dedicated pages for.

the monitor with no name

The monitor with no name is a mysterious gunslinger with the reputation of an intimidating and unstoppable rogue and a moral core of pure titanium. She's quite a strange creature in general: a huge komodo dragon with part flesh and part machinery that always dons the same old duster and hat and drives around on a part horse part motorcycle. No matter her unusual looks or quiet temperament, one thing is known: don't end up on the recieving end of her bullet. (Of course, she's more keen on stuff like cooking and curious plants, but no one spreads rumors about that.)


This is my dear son Zilbert. He's quite a hyper young lad, with all the thrashing and giving people possibly dangerous static shock and all that, but he's a positive delight. (We seem to share similar tastes in snacks as well. Always a plus.)

Boy obtained from encounters!