Do You Love

A bird must have found her dead, for that morning she woke up carried on a long, laced stiauq with such a fine ruby lining only reserved for dead strangers.

A 4056 word short story about a woman from the green lands whose body is continually rejected by the earth, on a mission to kill her father. Read it here!

A Single Candle's Flame

Every time Tunín Bunenalcha walked into the northern nghan on Iyajarmna, he always felt that same sense of smallness, of awe. The doors were open today, as he'd seen as he walked up, the outward turning doors casting long shadows on the street in front of it. Those doors seemed to welcome him with open arms. And be welcomed he was.

A 2127 word short story about grief and spirituality, in which Tunín goes to a nghan, or temple, in order to mourn and has a conversation with his friend, one of the monks. Read it here!


Percival quickly sobered; he cupped Maurice's cheek. "Do... do you think it was her? Or something else wearing her skin?"

A 5608 word short story about the resilience of both love and the lack of it, in which agents Apollon and Jutrobog investigate a strange set of events around an abandoned meat factory in New York, tipped off by a senator's wife. Read it here!

Ichabod's Flowers

In order to make something magic of any flower, one must go to Ichabod Joffe first. To get to him, you must walk to where Seo-hyeon gardens are, right on the north side of the central plaza of the magic side of town. That's where he works, you see.

A 1020 word short story, in a weird narrative style, about both inner struggle and the town's local magical botanist. Read it here!

Born of the Earth

You are exhausted. Weariness pulls at your legs, grabs at your arms, like the men that lay dying, scattered across the battlefield, groaning and grasping towards the sky for what could be the last time. Your feet drag behind you on the ground as you walk, scraping small divots into the mud and soil of the battlefield.

A 2152 word short story about tragic lovers in the 40s, in which lowly armyman Powell falls hopelessly in love with his comrade Joffe. I recommend you read Ichabod's Flowers before reading this. Read it here!

Two People in a Train Car Across the Countryside

"Hey," Dr. Herschel said, their old black brogues firmly planted on the softly rumbling floor of the train car. Their voice held no indignance, only mild amusement. "You're in my spot."

A 2832 word short story about mistakes, relationships with family, and a conversation between a magical doctor and a college dropout. Read it here!