Warm Light

Simply sit and gaze at the light that filters through the warm windows... this is the solarium! There is no specific theme to this little corner; it is, if anything, the miscellaneous area. These pages are less centric on my own doings and workings and more... for fun. So have fun!


Sometimes, lovely people draw things for me! Whether due to an exchange, or I commission them, or they are just kind enough to give gifts, this little side gallery shows off other people's extraordinary art of my work.

Tour the Vernissage

A man throws up his arms in triumph as he reaches a rocky peak, his companions around him already resting, or completing the last stretch of the ascent, as their dog is enjoying the view and a portfolio is waiting to be used. The caption reads in the original French: Des artistes en voyage.

These pages of mine are only some of many to be lost in on the web. Allow me to share with you some exceptional, interesting, or otherwise fascinating pages and reads that you may wish to explore, beyond the bounds of my domain.

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A vintage illustration of a bookshelf, filled with all sorts of old books.

This is just a silly page constructed with Joe's decentralized Myspace for Neocities template. Be forewarned, it is supremely silly!

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A wood engraving illustration marking the footer. Two skulls cushioned by leaves flank a daffodil flower.
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