It's been almost 500 years since the Beast of the Crystal -- Meneyon Bokh, Caulda Seng, Noddhiv, Qaulem-di-yama -- burst out of the soil and Earth and disrupted the Old Gods, and the world, forever. And it's been about one week since Sinta, a noikhi, a worker of Crystal magic, met Leabua, a newbie historian. Leabua is intent on figuring out, once and for all, the true reason behind the fall of Kyrata. Sinta is tired. Sinta is seperated from her homeland, a little island in the Isles of Passage. Sinta is simultaneously craving and terrified of learning more skills to become a noikhi to be relied on. Sinta decides to accompany him.

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Singular pictures n' such.

burdened with glorious purpose emile's mechanical heart the white sea wheat

Do You Love

A bird must have found her dead, for that morning she woke up carried on a long, laced stiauq with such a fine ruby lining only reserved for dead strangers.

A 4056 word short story about a woman from the green lands whose body is continually rejected by the earth, on a mission to kill her father. Read it here!

A Single Candle's Flame

Every time Tunín Bunenalcha walked into the northern nghan on Iyajarmna, he always felt that same sense of smallness, of awe. The doors were open today, as he'd seen as he walked up, the outward turning doors casting long shadows on the street in front of it. Those doors seemed to welcome him with open arms. And be welcomed he was.

A 2127 word little thing about grief and spirituality, in which Tunín goes to a nghan, or temple, in order to mourn. Read it here!

2021   2020