This is Emile! He's a clockmaker from the western green lands, though he's often gotten sidetracked by other potential passions in life, anything from theatre to painting to plumbing. He struggles with his self worth in that way a bit.

He's no stoic or standoffish guy, but I just think this kind of machinery heart whatever imagery is both on brand and fun to slap onto poor Emile.

Image description: A digitally painting using a strict color palette of dark cyans, cool bronze, purples, and dark red-orange. Emile hangs, gripping with only his right fist, from a clock's minute hand. Emile is a long, thin man with salamander-like gills and dark skin (in this image represented as dark cyan), and he wears poofy tan pants, a wide dark belt, and a light shirt with poofy sleeves. Over all that he wears a light cloak with fur lining. He stares right at the viewer. Behind him, gears and machinery of various colors turn behind him, pulling and stretching veiny flesh through the gears's teeth. Veins and blood vessels branch out like trees in and around the gears and flesh. Much of the machinery drips with blood. A breathing apparatus extends from Emile's nostrils and pierces a nearby vein. END ID