There's a large sea in the northwest straw lands - between the lipekay-budva and the middle straw lands - called the white sea. It's called the white sea because of the large, spire-like hunks of Crystal that can be found throughout the water. This makes commerce through the sea a little hard, but what isn't a little hard these days, right?

There is also a whole area of the white sea, mainly in the northern part of the mouth, where thousands of floating islands seem to congregate. It freaks out some, enchants others, and confuses basically everyone.

I drew this while I was still getting a grasp on some of the new character designs, so while I'm happy with how it turned out it's still a bit pre-tweaking.

Image description: Digital art bathed in warm colors, mainly soft yellows and yellowish desaturated greens. A group of nine people are walking up the side of a grassy hill. In the background, the ocean can be seen, with large spires of white crystal looming out of the water. Floating islands of dirt and grass drift across the sky. The setting sun can be seen peeking from the side of one of those islands, bathing the olive green sky with warm yellows.

One of the nine people stands near the crest of the hill and points with her left hand off into the distance. This is Lieno, a brown woman with short choppy hair, acne scars, and an aquiline nose. She wears a round brown hat with a wide brim, and has a red bandana tied around her head and under her chin. Over her white shirt with poofy sleeves she has a white cloak with fur linings on the bottom and around the collar, and tucked in her wide leather belt she has a sword in its hilt tucked underneath. The other eight people are further down the hill. They're of various different ethnicities and are all talking amongst each other. END ID