Paper Leaves, Pressed Hot

It is a rather homely place, the proprieter's study: there are an abundance of books and writings on alkin topics innumerable. The copious amounts of high-reaching shelves and cases are all filled to their brims, and their weightiness is accompanied by the stacks of books, sheets, and other paperthings strewn around and piling high. The only attempts at control appearing to succeed are paperweights made out of strange objects, from bust statues to shells and fossils to horns to jarred teratomae. Godspeed to the one that must sort through this.


The large desk that the study is centered around is leaden with papers, many not presentable for view. There are, however, some that have been cleanly put together and edited for the perusal of others. Unlike the work in the library, these writings seem to not be fiction but rather more analytical and opinionated subjects.

There is a long and wide low table at the far end of the study, nearby a wide window whose curtains have been thrown aside, with a rug and thin cushions placed under and around it for comfortable sitting. Atop the table is a worn atlas, with many unusual, foreign places within.


While many shelves seem to be archives of the proprieter, there are some that are notated to be the work of others. It seems that he has an extensive list of books and other things that he has liked, or not liked, with just as many opinions saddled beside them, and he has extensively annotated his copies with such thoughts.



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