Outgrowing That Which Feeds You: Bloodborne & Mythos

Written: Floréal CCXXX

Topic: Media Analysis

For: Bloodborne

To talk about Bloodborne, you must first talk about H.P. Lovecraft. In this essay I discuss the similarities between Bloodborne and its cosmic horror ancestor, along with the ways it is intrinsically, thematically, different and improved. It's half an analysis half a lore interpretation, and written for a friend who has not played it.

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On My Hollow Knight Humanizations

Written: Pluviôse CCXXX

Topic: Character design

For: Hollow Knight

An anonymous individual asked me about my notes and process regarding my Hollow Knight humanizations. Here's an adapted and cleaned up version of the rather long response I wrote.

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Art is Not a Talent, and You Should Make Art

Written: Frimaire CCXXX

Topic: Opinion

There seems to be a sort of air around being an artist-- or, to be more specific: beginning to make art, when you have not previously. As someone who draws not infrequently, I get it a lot.

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