Five personal illustrations all themed around romance and sunrises. ALl characters are my own, but are from different worlds. All of these pictures feature romantic couples in their respective worlds: Maurice Apollon & Percival Jutrobog (AMSAA), Hadil Farhat & Leonor Vicario (SOTW), Agnes & Kielo Nevalainen (K&J), Jochem van Leeuwenhoek & Karim Al-Amin (SOTW), and Aspen Ortiz Aguado, Atlas Herschel, & Gina Campbell (K&J).

2020, made digitally in Paint Tool SAI.

[Image description: Five digital art pieces, all left somewhat messy and made with a brush that has a texture similar to a plastic hairbrush. All five have limited color palettes.

The first piece has a palette of orange-pink and dark green. A sunrise barely grazes the top of distant roofs, lighting the cloudy sky with swirls of rich pink and green. The dark green silhouette of a building is on our right side. Extending out of it is a balcony with a barred railing. Standing on the balcony, and resting their forearms on the railing, are two men. The taller one, Percival Jutrobog, has a long face, lightish curly hair, and a low nose. The shorter one, Maurice Apollon, has a hooked nose, shoulder length dark hair, and several moles. Both of them are smoking cigarettes and looking into the distance. The light from the sunrise lights up the bottom of their faces.

The second piece has a palette of bright yellow and rich blue - like the Swedish flag. Two women stand in a field of very high grass in the foreground. In the background, the blue silhouette of a mountain rises up, and chunks of crystal poke out of the stone and trees. The sky is a vivid yellow, illuminated from the sun hiding behind the mountain and making the clouds shine. The woman on our left, Hadil Farhat, is a hijabi woman with glasses. She is wearing a coat with a belt and has goggles held up on her forehead. The woman on our right, Leonor Vicario, is taller. She has spiky short dark hair and is wearing a light collared shirt with an orange sweater unbuttoned over it. Slung over her left shoulder is the strap of a gun. The tall grass around them is aglow in shades of yellow and blue.

The third piece is in shades of brown and desaturated green. Two women, Agnes and Kielo Nevalainen, walk down a sidewalk. Above them is the awning of a shop, and next to them the window to the shop can be seen. Several items are displayed on the counter of the window, including a glowing plant, a floating round orb, a book, and a TV showing an orchestra playing. A sign on the door of the shop shows it is open. Agnes Nevalainen is a pale woman with brown hair tied back. She is wearing a white turtleneck, a green blazer, and dark brown boot cut pants. Her wife, Kielo, is a brown woman with white poofy hair. She is wearing a white collared shirt and holding a coffee. Agnes is reading the newspaper and Kielo is smiling at her. Though the sky cannot be seen, a shadow envelops partially over the scene, showing that somewhere, the sun is rising over the tops of buildings across the street.

The fourth piece is in the shades of reddish pink and dark cyan blue. Two people are laying on a roof with verticle shingles together. On our right is a man, Karim Al-Amin, a brown man with a big nose and very poofy dark hair, with sideburns. He is smiling peacefully and has an arm resting behind his head. On our left is Jochem van Leeuwenhoek, another brown person but with grey-white poofy hair that goes down to their middle. They are curled up on Karim's side and are hugging him. They don't have legs, and their pants are tied in a knot where their stump is. They have lots of freckles and glasses, and are smiling up at the sky along with Karim. On their neighbor's roof, a small strip of a garden with some plants growing can be seen. In the distance, past where more and more silhouettes of roofs are, is a very high and looming wall, with the occassional domed tower protruding up from it. The clouds in the sky swirl gently, and the sky shines bright pink amongst the darker blue parts of the sky.

The fifth and final piece is in shades of magenta and yellow. Nearby a window, three people stand next to each other. In the middle, Atlas Herschel looks down at the tray of cookies he is holding and is smiling. He has curly dark hair and warped pieces of metal on his round face. He has a yellow sweater, apron, and oven mitts. On our left is Aspen Ortiz Aguado, a brown man with a long face and dark hair pulled back into a ponytail. He also has freckles and is wearing a long sleeved shirt and apron. He is smiling and reaching for a cookie. On our right is Gina Campbell, a black woman with a dark afro and a patch of vitiligo on her nose and her right side of her mouth. She is wearing glasses and has an arm slung over Atlas' shoulders. She is wearing a white collared shirt and an apron. Behind them is a window, and outside of that window a bright sunrise can be seen, illuminating the clouds and sky in brilliant shades of yellow. END ID]