This page is sort of a directory, navigating between different original worlds that I create for. If you're ever wondering what setting a certain story fits into, this is the place to look. This page is sort of a work in progress, so pardon any rough edges. Happy perusing!


It was many years ago that the birth of Meneyon Bokh heralded the end of the old world. With Meneyon Bokh came the Crystal, a substance borne of magic that clung to regrets and memory, and allowed for the creation of accursed lands and monsters, once people, mutilated under the weight of their own memories.

And yet, people live on.

This world is strange. Entire swathes of land are held under stasis as magic and the Crystal feeds off of its memory. Magic itself is knowledge remembered from the dream, stolen away and chiseled into a form comprehensible to the waking world. After the apocalypse, certain cities barricaded themselves into Walls and formed a harshly governed Commonwealth. There are three moons, and one is a long-abandoned eggshell. But it's home to someone.

To share this world, I provide stories! It is the least, and best, I can do.



An 8 page short, standalone comic drawn in 2021. In which Ulu comes for Márime the Executioner.

From the Gallery

These are all individual artworks featuring this world! They link to the gallery page elsewhere on my site.

the plateau and the seventh star the hornblower a discussion of historic and academic merit blessed be the five winds the centipede and the executioner tarach yasaqtann here for the views jamming rest tel huket vulusei with the head of gur agat scapes pilots the sun ulu erkhan four palette mini-drawings patron of vagabonds burdened by glorious purpose emile's mechanical heart the white sea

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